the mae behind maeflowers…

the new story:

It’s been a year since I closed Vintage Love. The store I spent YEARS dreaming about owning, and the home of maeflowers vintage. MFV was my personal pop-up project that I thought would be life’s career. But five years into it I felt uninspired, overtired, and nothing but stressed. By the end, the only thing that was still bringing me joy was making women feel good in clothes. So quickly after I closed the store I took a job with ThredUp, (a fashion resale website) which felt inline with MVF values. ThredUP is part of a the Collaborative Consumption movement, which encourages consumers to live in a more collective, sharing economy. So I’m still working with thrifted clothing as well as helping women celebrate their unique bodies and style through shopping.

I also started an entirely different kind of project; in February 2019, I gave birth to a baby boy named Bowie and I finally became a mom. Becoming a mom has been igniting my creative side again, and I’m starting to explore what the next chapter of maeflowers can be…I don’t have any answers yet, but I am taking my time and relishing in the slower paced life of the wonderful world of Bowie.

Full disclosure, when I went to edit the “About” page, I could not delete any of it. The transition from business owner to life now has been challenging to my little ego, since MFV sort of defined me. I could not be happier with the path my life has taken since I closed the store but there is still a big part of me that is saying “now what?” Hopefully this new stage in my life can organically unfold and maeflowers will reincarnate itself…

the old story:

In the fall of 2014, Shauna Mae packed up her tiny apartment in New York City (that she shared with her handsome husband), quit her dreamy job (the project manager of martha stewart home for macy’s) and kissed a handful of amazing friends goodbye. After 10 years of living in the most exciting place in the world she was ready to return to her hometown of Syracuse, NY to begin her new dream -- maeflowers vintage. 

Now almost three years later, the maeflowers dream is a reality. In the Spring of 2016, Shauna along with an equally vintage obsessed friend, Sue, opened their first store front in downtown Syracuse called Vintage Love. Vintage Love is a carefully curated vintage store that offers maeflowers vintage clothing, Driftwood & Glitter vintage housewares, and a small collection of locally made goods called Local Love. (edit: vintage love closed it’s doors in may 2017.)

When Shauna is not out hunting for vintage goodies or manning the shop you can find her in her Tipp Hill apartment binging on Netflix, drinking champagne, and eating cheese off gold plates with her wonderful vintage loving hubs and dog baby.