spring pop-up event + diy details

Thank you to all the shoppers for coming out to Cafe at 407 in Liverpool this past Saturday for the first maeflowers vintage pop-up event of the season! It was a wonderful day of floral prints, coral hues, and lovely ladies snagging some incredible pieces (that I wish I could have kept for myself!) I'm already dreaming of the next event. 


For those of you who asked about the paper mobiles {hanging from the ceiling} please see below for tutorial. 

DIY paper mobiles 

These took about 10 minutes to make and require minimal sewing skills. The perfect project for a no fuss, yet dynamic decoration. 

Things you will need:

-sewing machine

-strips of paper, I used paper stock from Hobby Lobby that came in pre-cut strips of medium weight stock for about $6 a pack. One pack makes 4-6 mobiles depending on desired length. I recommend buying the pre-cut strips in the pack, this will save you a significant amount of time and they are guaranteed to be the same size and more importantly straighter than if you cut them yourself. 

Step 1: 

Line up strips in the order you want them to fall. I chose ombre (because I can't enough of it) but feel free to mix it up! I used anywhere from 12-18 strips for each mobile. You might want to go shorter if you are planning on hanging them over a seating area. 


Step 2: 

Stack the papers in the order you want so you can quickly access them while you're at your sewing machine. Simply feed the strips through the machine one at a time keeping them equal distance apart and as lined up as possible. Do not worry if some skew and they are not perfectly spaced. This design is very forgiving and it's hard to spot mistakes. Make sure to leave a long enough string on either side so you have something to hang the mobiles with, about 12".     (Click on below to see multiple shots.)                                                                                                                                          

Step 3:

Hang and enjoy! We used butterfly clips on the drop ceiling, but artist tape will work if you are hanging from plaster ceiling. Also, the bottom strip will curl up slightly -- so If you do not like the look of it you can attach fishing sinkers from the bottom strip. This will weigh it down and straighten it out.