happy new year maeflowers.

i love new years. not specifically new years eve, or even the day itself. my love is directed more towards the idea of a fresh start as well as the chance to look back and reflect on the year we just kissed goodbye. 

with that said, I'm really pleased about the year that maeflowers has had and so thankful for everyone who has helped support this little "pop-up" shop. maeflowers has grown from two racks in my guest room to an actual studio space. it's done 15 pop-ups, participated in the funky flea, and had some fantastic press with the cover of syracuse woman's magazine. 

after a fantastic year I'm looking forward to things getting more exciting in 2015. i am pleased to announce that maeflowers is an official online retailer and starting now you can shop right from your bed in between netflix breaks! 

peace, love, and happy new years!