this Mae had a bae.

This post has nothing to do with selling vintage clothes, but so many of my lovely maeflower customers have been reaching out to see how I’ve been doing. Closing the store turned out to be the most bittersweet decision ever. Bitter for obvious reasons but made very sweet because three weeks after closing, we found out we were PREGNANT!

After a very challenging year dealing with fertility issues, this was the most exciting, joyful (slightly scary) news. I decided than it was time to take a break. That meant no more pop-ups, no more vintage hunting adventures, and a major scale back from social media.

So here we are 11 months later…the proud momma (still weird to say) of a beautiful baby boy. Bowie James Mansassa. Pinch me because he’s perfect.

I have so many thoughts on new mom life, so stay tuned while I gather my thoughts so I can appear both smart and witty… (I’m actually just waiting for my copywriter husband to edit everything before I hit publish.) But for now here are some cute baby pics of Bowie.